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An Artist's Journey!

About Me.

Being Indian I was exposed to my country's rich culture and my journey as a daughter of Govt. Officer, I got the opportunity to visit many remote places across my motherland which enriched my creativity and cherished learning. As wanderlust my creativity gathered so much exposure turning me into an Emotional Creative Artist – My artwork is mainly Abstract, figurative and landscape. I cover abstracts visual from present moments. I draw inspiration from day-to-day activities expanding them into beautiful vibrant colourful & concepts. My art concepts are soulful and simple with a rich flow of colours. I try to spread happiness and joyful energetic & vibrant moments through my artwork. Mostly I work on canvas, boards Plywood, leaves, glass, old archival prints, photographs, installations, walls and other old documentation.

My Colours-medium ~ Oil, Acrylic, Carbon, Crayons & Water drawings on Canvas paintings / eco-friendly hand Paper powders colour.

As a contemporary artist- I also cherish life, moments, plants, people, and festive moments which inspire my source of painting.

World Art Dubai - 2022


India Art Festival -2022
with my 84yr young mother! 
Group Art Show in ITC Hotel Sheraton - 2022
World Art Dubai 2021
India Art Festival- 2021
See Me (Online) - 2015

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